Beach Baby

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These are some photos I took of a waddling toddler.


Refugee youth paint a field of inspiration

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On June 16, San Diego muralist Pablo Aztlan Acevedo teamed up with YALLA soccer players to brighten one of Lexington Elementary School’s off-white walls. This is one of many community building activities the El Cajon soccer club has initiated. YALLA (Youth and Leaders Living Actively) helps refugee and immigrant children rebuild their lives through soccer, tutoring and leadership training.

YALLA’s founder Mark Kabban usually leads drills at Wells Field, but this weekend he delegated the mixing of paint and the striping of jerseys. Players, YALLA board members and community volunteers grabbed paintbrushes, scaled ladders and added their own touches to the collaborative work.

The mural features YALLA players sprinting down the field and maneuvering for the ball. “When they see themselves in the art, it’s a legacy that is left and is timeless, showing them that they are a part of the legacy of the future,” Acevedo said.

To Kabban’s surprise, Acevedo included him in the scene directing a young coach. “I think it’s really good that there’s something tangible and visible of the refugee community here on the wall, something beautiful, aesthetic,” Kabban said. “I think that’s really powerful for people to see.”

Some of the children hadn’t had the opportunity to paint before. For Acevedo, it was exciting to see the kids unleash their creativity. For him, the mural is meant to encourage education, fitness and ultimately college: “This is the field of inspiration.”


Treziok family photos

La Jolla Shores didn’t quite come through with the spectacular sunset we envisioned, but the Treziok family made the most of the gloomy weather and and even braved the waves.

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Windspinners brighten a gray day

Since the sun was hibernating, the wind was the star of this gray May day.

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Down on the 101

Highway 101 cuts through downtown Encinitas, where trendy new eateries and boutiques smarten the classic beach-grunge vibe. Still… dogs, shoeless surfers, spiky-haired teens and yogis with furled mats frequent the streets.

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