DOCUMENTARY // yo soy así

Yo Soy Así is a 35-minute documentary following four Argentine, lesbian-identified women, as they recount their stories of coming-out, first loves, sex with women, overcoming prejudice and hopes for the future. The filmmakers hope to shed light on the complexities of lesbian life in Buenos Aires and how different generations of lesbian women have accepted their sexuality.

The film’s central characters are an 18-year-old who fears the rejection of her family, an activist in her thirties working to fight gender stereotypes and two women in their sixties who were the first lesbian women to receive a civil union. Their stories weave together in an intiimate journey through their individual struggles for a shared dream of acceptance.

PRODUCED BY // Jodi Savitz, Taylor Soppe, Joseph Stein
EDITED BY // Taylor Soppe
Director of Photography // Taylor Soppe

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